Zandra Rhodes designs a t-shirt for the Environmental Justice Foundation in light of their Save the Sea Campaign

The Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) collaborates with prestigious designers in order to educate and raise funds and awareness for EJF’S work protecting people and planet. EJF launched its t-shirt project in 2007, selling sustainably sourced fairly traded t-shirts that have original artwork on.

EJF have recently launched a new project ‘Save the Sea’ and asked Zandra Rhodes to design a bespoke tee for the cause. These t-shirts are calls to action, searching for a sea-change in the way we consume (clothes, fish and plastics) and use the natural world.

Produced from organic cotton with reduced impact on our global climate, the t-shirts share a message of hope for our oceans. 100% of the profits go directly to support EJF’s work to protect marine environments, wildlife and coastal communities from pollution and over-fishing.

Zandra ‘No Pollution is The Only Solution’ t-shirt is available online at EFJ’s store:

“I’m thrilled to be donating another design to EJF, a charity fighting for the heart of our oceans. No pollution is the only solution when it comes to taking care of our seas, the people who live by and sail on oceans, and incredible wildlife inside. The fact that over 8 million tonnes of plastic is dumped in the oceans every year is appalling, and I hope my design helps people think harder about their use of plastic, and their love of the sea.” – Zandra Rhodes

© 2019 Zandra Rhodes