Introducing the hottest collaboration of the summer..

Zandra has joined forces with global accessories brand Poppy Lissiman to bring you an exclusive capsule collection of playful, high-fashion inspired eyewear and bags. Available now exclusively through

A one year work-in-progress, Zandra and Poppy began collaborating in London in summer 2022 after several months of communicating online. This exclusive collection of sunglasses and bags features some of Zandra’s most iconic motifs reimagined in the fresh, young world of Poppy Lissiman.

Together with Zandra, Poppy delved into the designer’s 55 year archive and selected some of her most famous motifs, adapting them into the physical form and shape of the accessories. Four sunglass styles make-up the eyewear side of the collection and include accentuated forms of Zandra-esque shapes such as the Wiggle, Floating Flowers, Square Spiral (as seen on the Zan) and Zig Zag. Available across a selection of colourways and effects.

Two showstopping bag designs are featured in the collection. Poppy has incorporated Zandra’s ‘Geo Sparkle’ prints onto her bestselling ‘Lio’ silhouette using a screen-printing technique that has been used by Zandra since the mid-60’s and is a part of the Zandra Rhodes brand DNA.

The collaboration also features an exclusive new bag shape; the Frill Bag. Inspired by Zandra’s use of romantic pleating; a frill detail is a recurring signature in Zandra Rhodes design, whether that be in the form of trompe l’oeil or in real life. The Geo Sparkle tote and the Frill Bag are both available across three wearable colourways.

“Poppy speaks to the youth of today. What she has done is create a magnetic and engaging brand and sold it directly to her customer which gives her such a deep understanding of the Poppy Lissiman wearer. We noticed synergies with the use of colour and print in our work as soon as we met and I think this is evident in the outcome of this incredible collection!” says Zandra.

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