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The originality and genius of Zandra Rhodes is recognised around the world, and it is sights and impressions from around the world which have so often stimulated her Art. From the aerial view of a Mexican sombrero to the wiggle of the Great Wall of China, images have met her eye and been interpreted through her own intensely personal vision, boldly making their way into the highest realms of fashion. In looking back over sixteen celebrated years of printing and designing she has been intrigued by the quixotic way in which her themes have related to journeys of various kinds and, in resolving to chart these, she has aimed at pinning down the creative process itself, in order to share it with others. Her ‘departure point’ on this Fashion Odyssey was the realisation that she and her textile designs (which she had already, unconventionally, physically printed onto the fabric herself) had too strong a personality to fit into other designers’ fashions. So she made clothes the way she wanted them to be, letting the textiles influence the garment shapes – creating prints, printing, designing clothes, patternmaking, cutting out dresses and hand-rolling edges all herself. She still works fourteen hours a day, seven days a week.

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Michael O'Mara Books Ltd; New edition (10 Mar. 1995.) Originally published in 1985.



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