The Zandra Rhodes Charitable Foundation

The Zandra Rhodes Charitable Foundation is a registered Charity. Charity number 1190145.

The aim of the foundation is to ensure that future generations are able to reference and study the life and work of Dame Zandra Rhodes with an emphasis on her vision, designs, methods and techniques, and her role in the fashion and textile industry within contemporary culture. 

The Foundation has access to over 6,000 garments and is currently working to fully catalogue the vast archive collection of work which Dame Zandra Rhodes has accrued throughout her lifetime so it can be viewed and researched by students before being donated to the Fashion and Textile Museum, and various museums throughout the world.

 Kerry Taylor Auctions, will hold exclusive auctions of remaining archive to raise funds for the charity’s work.

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For more information and to discuss contributing to the Foundation please contact or call us on +44 (0) 207 403 5333.

Photo by Bruno Karlson, 1969

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